December 15:

My kids were finishing making ornaments for their friends (which can only mean GLITTER everywhere), and I went to check the mail. Today was a banner mail day, 5 Christmas cards, my Entertainment Weekly and nothing else! No bills and no junk! Woo Hoo! Now, I am finally filling up my door with Christmas cards. I hang them on the door to my kitchen. I just love to look at them, so much so, that last year I think it was Brooke Marie's Birthday (yes March) when I took them down, as we needed that door for pin the hat on the chef.

So in the Christmas cards were my MIL and her sister's, they are those who buy a box of cheap cards at the store, sign the inside with some platitude and ship them off, not much thought what-so-ever.

Then was the obligatory "look how friggin cute my kids are" picture card from one of my sorority little sisters! Yeah, love that kind!

The last two however are the most fun. First is from my rich friend in CA. Her cards look like the home-made by Martha Stewart kind that no one should have enough time to make. Last year I asked and she admitted she is not super-mom, she PAYS someone to make the cards for her, probably freakin' Martha herself! Ha!

The last one, although of the "look how cute my family is" variety, is the one that made my day. Not because of the picture but the handwritten note on the back. It's from my 5th and 6th grade reading teacher. My girls think it's so cool I get a Christmas card from my (former) teacher, and frankly so do I. I know all us little girls in his class had huge crushes on him, he was young, drove a Jeep, had the cutest curly hair and dimples to die for. But it was more than wanting to get the attention of the cute teacher. He was inspiring, perhaps because of his youth and excitement, being that teaching us was his first job out of college, I don't know. I just know even his approval of my Christmas card today makes me proud. (Here's where I have to admit I was a total teacher's pet geek in school!) I have often told my girls that not every teacher will be their favorite, but if they are lucky they will have at least one who inspires them like Mark did me.

So today with cards from old friends and glitter all over my house I am feeling all sentimental and it's really beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here.

On a side note: Two blogs in one day? Damn I really must be ready for Christmas if I have this much spare time on my hands, huh? That or I am a procrastinator and there is one more weekend left! Actually I'm somewhere in between, my kids are done, down to the stocking stuffers D-O-N-E! Gifts I have to ship, done, with the exception of three small boxes that I need to take to the post office Monday. So I only have a few little extras to pick up sometime next week while the girls are in school and I can shop ALONE!


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