I'm Back...

Believe it or not more than one (okay 2) people have noticed my lack of presence here at Casa de Pete. For the love of Pete people, these past two months have been both the most boring and yet somehow busiest EVAH. Oh and by the by, a friend of mine on Facebook (where incidentally I can post about my daily sagas a few sentences at a time) has informed me that EVAH is an insult to the English language. After not using it for several weeks and meanwhile trying to help my first grader sound out words, I'd say the English language is an insult to itself.

Anyway, bright and shiny where was I? Long story not as long, hubby got laid off, spent a lot of quality time together (all of us), got job offer with huge corporation, waited 2 weeks for them to get paperwork finished, finally started work YESTERDAY. (The fact that I am finally blogging again? Co-ink-a-dink? You make the call.) He is now just a cog in the machine. The only problem is the job pay is considerably less than his previous position. So guess who's on the job hunt? Luckily I can be picky because we can pay the bills on the new salary, however my getting a better job would really make things much more comfortable and frankly I am sick of scrimping with prison grade toilet paper. So I am leisurely looking for the perfect job that pays a lot, is part time, and requires no nights or weekends. Hey, quit laughing, I actually went on an interview for a position that completely fits my requirements, and apparently I am qualified to do. No, seriously! They are supposed to make a decision the beginning of October, whenever that is. Okay, so other than that I have applied (today as a matter of fact) for only one other job that might fit all my demands. And in the continued effort to keep this less lengthy, lets just go with: I vacillate daily, okay hourly, between being scared to death to go back to the workforce after 10 years and being excited about it.

In other news:

The girls started school. They both have enthusiastic teachers. Both had perfect mid-term reports. I think I should give their teachers progress reports for their behavior at home, then maybe they would listen to me. Ha!

Brooke finally learned to ride her bike without training wheels and wants to ride it to school with her big sister. Hallelujah praise Pete! NO MORE CAR LINE FOR ME! Yeah, I know this will last approximately 3 days to 3 weeks, then the newness will wear off and she will realize she is SWEATY when she gets to school and ask for her chauffeur back. But I'm enjoying it while it lasts!

The puppy? He is a pony, on his way to being a horse. He is adorable when asleep, much like my children! Potty training, check. Chewing on only his toys, check. No begging at the table, check. Absolutely silent whenever in his kennel, check. Holds his bodily functions for over 10 hours at night and 6 during the day, check. Knows his name, not unless he wants too. Walking on a leash, not so much. Pulling off his collar and running off, mastered. Jumping on guests, we're working on. Dropping ball or toy for someone to throw for him, we've created a monster! Last but not least, we should've named him Goose, then you couldn't say we didn't warn you.

Oh and a little thing I should probably mention, just so you all can laugh and make fun of me behind my back, or to my face, because I KNOW! I am now an official member of the PTA board. My neighbor and friend somehow coerced me into being the secretary this year. And you know what? So far, I'm having fun. I KNOW! We have a great group of moms and they are sincerely trying to get as many people involved as possible. That being said, I am reserving the right to piss on my own parade when at any point during the year I am no longing having fun.

This morning? The most beautiful 60ish weather outside. I opened my back door to enjoy our random 3 hours of fall like weather and I'll be damned the lawn maintenance workers for our community are right behind my fence. I can't bear to shut the door on the crisp fresh air, so I'm taking a tylenol.

And with that I have roughly a day's worth of tifauxed shows to watch that my husband does not appreciate, so I'm going to go bond with my tv for a bit. Maybe tomorrow I'll see if I can muster up the energy to post some new photos. Oh joy, now I've lost my last 2 readers haven't I?

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