This might get to be a regular post the way things have been going around here. I swear the following events happened within 7 days of each other.

Pain in the ass? Gallon jug of sweet tea spilled all over the kitchen floor.
Silver lining? Very clean floor.
My favorite game of "What's that Smell?" leads to finding leak under sink.
Silver lining? Cabinet gets much needed purge and cleaning.
Bonus? Sink fix also fixes garbage disposal.
Bonus round of "Could this week get much worse?" Bottle of rum falls and breaks in pantry.
Silver lining? Bottom of pantry gets cleaned.
Bonus? Alcohol is an excellent cleaning agent. Who knew?

Anyone else been searching for a silver lining these days?

I'm not naming any names...

It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose your own. ~Harry S. Truman

Otherwise I'll go crazy with hubby home the second summer in a row. Apparently, July is just not our month. Would you believe after the fiasco of last summer's unemployment that we are practically right back in the same position a year later? Yeah me either. I was positive I was getting Punk'd when hubby called to tell me he'd be laid off last week. But no, this case of deja-vu is indeed real.
So back to that silver lining. In the last week hubby has saved us hundreds of dollars on repair bills. Never mind that the outdoor flood light he fixed has not worked properly for 5 of the 6 years we have lived here. And the ceiling fan on the back porch has had no blades on it since they were removed during the hurricanes of 2004. The pieces of the sectional couch in our family room that slid and separated every time someone sat on them and drove me mad for the past 3 years are now securely attached. In his defense he also fixed the leak under our sink which we just discovered this week. Co-ink-a-dink-ly the repair also fixed the overly loud and under powered garbage disposal I've complained about every day for Pete knows how long. Besides repairs he also is home to cook which is nice because I hate to cook and it shows. And since he is cooking he is doing more of the grocery shopping which is my most hated errand. Of course the shiniest silver of all is that he is here playing with the girls more and daddy daughter time is always a good thing.

Anyone else find silver lining in the recession?

Back by Popular Demand. Okay not really but back regardless.

So my confession this week? I used my photo retouch tool in iPhoto to remove dirt on my floor and toys from under my couch. And after I realized what a mess was down on that level I decided it was easier to just continue to remove them from subsequent photos than to actually clean under there. The worst part is I had no idea how bad it was until I saw the pictures. And sadly before we brought Sirius the puppy home we cleaned the floors in the rooms he would be confined to. Where cleaned means picked up things he could choke on or that were potentially toxic. I vacuumed the whole 3 rooms. And by vacuumed I mean I ran it over the big open areas. So what I'm saying here is that dirty floor I saw when I zoomed in on a photo taken of it, I actually thought was fairly clean merely hours before. Yeah, so my "Homemaker of the Year" award is obviously not in the mail like the association claimed. But hey, I'm back to blogging, so there's that.

Well Hell...

This morning one of my good friends sent me a message alerting me to the fact that I haven't posted here in almost a month. Ya'll I am not unaware that I have neglected Pete and I keep meaning to come over here to catch up. But life keeps happening.

So back to my last post which was the day our A/C died. We survived the heat by going to the pool and the next day the very nice A/C man came and fixed the flux capacitor thing-a-ma-bob. In the middle of the heat wave of June '09 we sent our oldest off on her first trip alone. My sister flew my 10 year old out to stay with her 5 days in another state! I'd like to point out this same sister used to pay her "nanny" to fly with my niece to and from my parent's house when they lived in the same state and my niece was well past 10 years old. Anyway... Breanna really wanted to go and we couldn't think of a reason to say no so we put her on an airplane as an unaccompanied minor. Of course she had the time of her life and feels very grown up having flown alone. And I survived the cutting of the cord, so all in all it was good for everyone.

Days after my kiddo arrived home safely we headed out to the beach for our annual summer vacation. Now would be a good time to go get a drink and settle in because here come the vacation slide shows! Feel free to just pretend like you looked and comment on how beautiful the mountains and lakes were.

There is much more to tell as the last two weeks have been jam packed with life. But those things need their own posts so I'll leave you with this...

Meet Sirius Black...
Isn't he the cutest puppy you've ever seen?!

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