Normal household chores that are left undone for an exorbitant (which apparently I've been spelling and pronouncing wrong (exorbinant) my entire life, thank you google and amount of time become huge projects. Seriously my house was beginning to look like a candidate for "Clean House" and I'm not just looking at the girls' rooms or closets here.

It literally took me all day Sunday to help the girls clean their rooms. And by help I mean I cleaned and they occasionally put things I handed to them away. And by clean I mean finally find the floors.

Then Tuesday (okay not all day) I cleaned the bathrooms. And by cleaned I mean launched chemical warfare. Neither of our bathrooms have a window, and all those cleaners in such a small contained space can not be good. I usually try to do this chore when someone else is home in case I pass out. I'm only half kidding. Wednesday I spent most of my day cleaning the rest of the house. Well, I never made it to our bedroom, but I rarely do. And now finally my house is back in order.

After letting everything go to hell in a hand basket what was it that prompted me to get off my ass and clean? Besides basic sanitation? A friend of my little one was coming for a play date. A play date she called me about then somehow planned to have at my house. How the hell that happened I'm not sure. Yes, she was that good. Then the day of she canceled. Yes she did. Okay everyone has car trouble once in awhile, not a biggie. So she asked if we could postpone the play date until the following day. Okay, the house was already clean, not a problem. But then, get this. She asked if her little girl could ride home with me, then she'd come pick her up later. Dude I have met this woman for about 2 minutes at a school skating party and she is sending her 5 year old daughter home with me? She doesn't even know our address! The irony icing on the cake is the night I met her at the skating party I had a friend of my oldest daughter with us and I had never met her mom either. Who sends their daughter off with complete strangers?!

So lets count them up. My lazy ass let my house practically become a candidate for a reality tv show. I can not spell. And sometimes I judge other parents. Yep that's a pretty much sums up my confession this week. What ya got? Come on share with us!


Very funny. I don't like to share, just read and laugh at your confessions.

November 13, 2008 at 3:28 PM  

I confess that my house is no doubt worse. I had it under control for a little while... in April. The month of April was good for my house. I have to clean it though because Bug's therapist suggested that we make a "safe place" for him (and the other kids, too) in the house and I just couldn't help but think that there was no safe place in the house right now. None at all.

That and it's time to start thinking about putting Christmas up. Can't put Christmas up in a dirty house.

November 13, 2008 at 10:14 PM  

In her defense, maybe it's her youngest child--you just don't sweat it over #4 the way you did #1! That's my true confession.

November 14, 2008 at 12:20 AM  

I think I'll have to guide you over to my post about eating food off the floor and then telling a bold faced lie about it. . . I posted it two days ago. . . it is called "Splat!"

November 15, 2008 at 12:37 AM  

I love this.....literally laughed out loud.
I have had very similar experiences with parents - they are willing to just hand off their kid even though they have no idea who you are or where you live...amazing to me.

My house? Absolutely beyond repair. Haven't deep cleaned for months and don't care to any time soon:)

November 16, 2008 at 5:30 PM  

My House? Pretty clean. We gripe about the floating dust bunnies and the crumbs as they fall from the children's mouths. Yes, we are so anal.

My range top is soaking right now while I blog surf so it will greet me and my fresh cup of coffee all bright and shiny in the morning. (It's a sickness, sorry).

The "take my kid even though I don't know you?" Holy WT-Cowpie- are you thinking! Them...and, you, LOL!

There are Mom's who drop their five and six (oh, and four) year-old children off at gymnastics and then run errands or whatever during the class...

What if your child bounces off the trampoline and into...anything! What if a hand stand goes wrong??? Seriously, people.

I have a "new" Mommy school friend who (wisely) trusted me to bring her daughter home for a play date with my Lil'Gal as the girls are peas in a pod.

Later she offered to do the same....I, um, invited myself. LOL! I've known her kids for a couple of years via the school, and her SIL is a good friend of mine...but, still.

The control issue...and, these are the only children I have.

I so GET you! [If you didn't live so far? You could hire me to clean your home. I'm really good at chemical warfare!!! But, you obviously rocked it well yourself! Though, if someone else does it for you? You get "free ME time!"] :-D

November 16, 2008 at 9:46 PM  

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