The Season is Upon Us

No not Easter. Nope not Spring. In our house March and April are birthday season. Brooke's birthday is at the end of March and Breanna's the end of April. In these two months my MIL and BIL, my father and mother and my niece all celebrate their birthday's too. But really that is secondary, because we are busy in the midst of the PARTY PLANNING. See we tend to be overachievers in all things Birthday Party. They all know and understand this. In fact the in-laws that live close are expected... um, called upon to help out on the day of the parties.

Of course 9 years ago (okay really 8 years ago, since the first year party is just for family and friends seeing as the guest of honor still poops in their pants and naps after lunch) when we started hosting these legendary themed kid's parties we only had one child. With two, some years are more elaborate for one than for the other. We don't alternate years, it really just depends on the themes they choose. And yes, they choose. Sometimes they can be led, read Breanna takes suggestions. Other times they are staunch in their ideas and will not relent, read Brooke wants a Littlest Pet Shop party and daddy can not change her mind. See he... um, we prefer not to be boxed into a certain toy or character. We're old school. We like to build and paint things, not just buy the licensed products from overpriced party stores. We already buy plenty of goodies anyway. So I had to nicely remind him when he balked at the LPS idea that Breanna's 5th Birthday was Kim Possible and it turned out great.

This year Breanna's sports and games party is being planned, games are currently being built, park pavilion deposit is paid and it's Brooke's birthday that is less than 2 weeks away. Over the weekend, daddy, against his will, was forced to throw together a LPS invite and print it on the computer. With a little creative touch the invites are done and delivered. I purchased some LPS advent calendars on clearance I found at Walmart, they included 3 animals possibly for the goodie bags. Beats the $6 a piece those damned plastic foot torture implements normally cost. And that is it! I have nothing planned, nothing bought, nothing made. Let me repeat party is in 10 days and I have virtually NOTHING! Oh and my house is a disaster. Plus we will be out of town this weekend for BIL's birthday BBQ. I'm thinking a pin the tail on some LPS animal, there might even already be a poster in munchkin's room we can use. Toss some of her millions of LPS toys on top of a cake, or maybe the ones we are giving them on cupcakes. Genius. Maybe coloring sheets? Shit, I better get moving.

So the point of this post got lost on the way. Imagine that. Shiny, shiny, pretty, pretty. I was originally going to tell you a bit about each party we've done so far. Including last year's. Because last year is a sore spot between me and hubby. Now I realize there are way too many cute old photos to that I want to share to fit into this post. So I've decided I'm going to post them over the next several days. Then you all will see why it pisses me off to NO END when my hubby questions the girls about last year's parties.

Now I really should try to think of something to entertain 5 to 10 six year olds for 3 hours next Saturday.


You are trying to stress yourself out.:)
get a huge roll of bubble wrap and a few empty cardboard boxes. they will have a blast. If you feel like getting "crazy" throw in a box of markers and a bunch of construction paper.
I should have been a professional party planner.

March 11, 2009 at 4:58 PM  

5-10 little ones for three hours?! Sounds like my definition of hell.

March 11, 2009 at 5:53 PM  

Uggg party planning for little ones is so stressful! I finally have one old enough that we don't have to do much...some friends a lot food (12 year-old boys are huge pigs) and movies. Easy. The 6 year-old is an expensive, stressful ordeal.

March 11, 2009 at 6:29 PM  

I used to be just like you--for a very long time. I got over it when child #4 was 6. Thankfully she likes sleepovers with tons of girls, pizza and m & m's. That I can do.

March 11, 2009 at 9:57 PM  

It will all be fine, but 10 6-year-olds? There ain't enough gin in this world to get me through that. :-)

Gee, my Mom got off easy -- a cake, quick song, and here's your present. Voila -- birthday done. :-) And it still was special -- she always asked what kind of cake I wanted. Funny how the small stuff mattered the most. :-)

March 13, 2009 at 2:50 AM  

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