Song for Today

Try to see past the bad 70s hair and skinny jeans. This movie was my favorite when I was a tween. Which was well before anyone coined the term tween. I had the album and the book and I used to dream Rex Smith was singing this song to me.

Awhile back I decided to buy myself the movie and the book. For a fleeting moment I even thought I'd share them with my oldest daughter as she is about the age I was when I was wallpapering my walls with his Tiger beat posters. Um, yeah, not so much. That 13 year old lies to everyone and dates a 17 year old. We'll be keeping this one on the mommy shelf a bit longer.


This is where the (?) 10 years or so I have on you is showing--I have no idea who that is!

I insisted my daughter read "Go ask Alice" at 13. OMG--what was I thinking? Sex, drugs and suicide, oh my!

June 13, 2009 at 12:43 PM  

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