Don't the car ads always say that?

Okay I may or may not have mentioned something about mulling over the idea of a new car earlier (like this morning, maybe). Well, we (I use this term liberally) are looking at Kia Rondos. They are like a 'mini' minivan. Smaller than my current van, but still seating for 7. Sort of. As long as all 7 are not ADULTS. Really 4 adults and a couple of munchkins in the way back and it would be at maximum capacity. But seeing as 95% of the time it's just one adult (that would be me, mommy the chauffeur) and two rugrats, I think this is great for us. We would be able to take people with us if we needed to, but on most days we'd have lots of cargo space for groceries or * supplies from home depot. Brian is still against it, but I found one at the dealership where we bought Brian's car that I really like.

This one actually.

If the incentives I saw apply to that car "we"may not be able to pass it up. But you know how that goes:
Me: I saw the ad in the paper offering $xxxx cash back on any new car purchase, does that apply?
Mr. Eager Salesman: That offer you saw is only good for purple cars purchased on the full moon, the 3rd Wed. of the month. And it's only available to people who have served in the military who are over 65 years old.

Now this is not the car I originally posted about that was such a great deal, I was ready to buy it today. That car was the epitome of the "too good to be true" sales tactics. All the rebates applied, and yes I could use them all together. We are talking about $3500 off what I thought was a decent price to begin with. I was getting all excited so I emailed back and asked what the difference between said car and the one that was the same model but roughly $3000 more. Would you believe the sales dude tells me "oh that car has no A/C". THE HELL? Are you NEW here? We live in FREAKIN FLORIDA! NO A/C ? Ship the damn thing back, you won't be selling it here. Funny when he was making me this great deal on the car he didn't think to tell me it didn't have AIR? Can you IMAGINE what I would've done had I driven the hour out there and found that out?

So as my neighbor said "I hope the stars, moon and tides align for you and you can get it." Ain't that the damn truth!

*Added as incentive in case Brian decides to read my blog for the first time ever today.


No air?! LMAO. Having your air go out is one of the reasons you get a new car.


March 7, 2008 at 3:36 PM  

I hate car shopping.

Dealerships are like the lair of evil.

No air. *eyeroll*

March 9, 2008 at 10:59 AM  

Yeah and the guy at NO AIR Kia is still emailing me. So glad I didn't fill in my phone number!

Raven, my problem is with the finance people. I can pick a car in under half an hour and spend all day in the damn finance office arguing over my credit rating! Evil lair is right!

March 9, 2008 at 9:03 PM  

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