Random Ramblings Friday

The shit I am pondering this week...

*Why I am still filling out and copying info to our insurance and the doctors for bills for my daughter's stitches in NOVEMBER? Pain in my ass.

*My husband's boss and the office accountant are a PAIN IN MY ASS! We JUST this week got my husband's tax forms. I want my guberment monies people, is that so much to ask?

*We (okay, this is me and my daughter, Brian is desperately trying to put the kabosh on the whole thing) are looking into the possibility of buying a new car. Like, no friggin miles on it new. I've never owned a brand new car. Brian is on his second. I think it's my turn!

*My sister and niece leave tomorrow to meet my niece's birth mom. There's been much DRAHMAH lately concerning this, so my whole family will be saying a little prayer for them that all works out.

*Did I mention I really want a new car? And that I have one picked out online? And I am emailing the dealer trying to get a better deal?

*Did I also mention my hubby is not really on board with this new car purchase? YET! Cue evil laughter here. Muwahahaha.

*Lost actually answered a question last night! Who's boat is it? Well, now we know! Of course I lost track of how many new questions were posed.

That's all I got for now. Small child waiting at school for mommy to pick her up. Wish I had a new car to drive.


Ooh new car..what ya want to get? Yep, I say it's YOUR turn now :)


March 7, 2008 at 12:47 PM  

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