Little Animals

And I created them!
As I sat at the table between my 2 daughters, one crying and the other chewing with her mouth open, I'd had enough! Off to bed with the little monsters at 7:00pm with no showers, brush the teeth, put on the jammies and out of my sight! Then came down the new rules. NO MORE EATING OUT until you two can eat like civilized humans. NO MORE GETTING TAKEOUT until you two can eat like civilized humans. EVERYTHING YOU EAT IN THIS HOUSE WILL BE EATEN AT THE TABLE until... yeah you get the idea. Is it so much to ask that a (almost) 5 year old taste the food on her plate without a hissy fit of tears about how she doesn't like it? Really, you don't like it? How do you know, it hasn't passed your lips yet! And Breanna, dear gracious I PRAY the child does not eat like that at school, in front of other people! Between the mouth full of food I see as she chews, the slouching so far down in her chair that her hair hits her plate, and the lack of use of utensils I couldn't stand to sit at the same table with her anymore.

As usual this story has a kicker, and this one's good! I was driving Brooke to school and told her after school we were going to lunch with mommy's friend Barb. Her reply? "But last night you said no more eating out." Damn kid and her listening to what I said! I explained to her that I made plans to eat out today before last night and she should enjoy her last meal out. I CAN'T WAIT until Breanna hears Brooke got to go out to lunch today. Oh the eyes, they will be a rolling.


I STILL tell my son to chew with his mouth closed, and he's 19. I blame my ex,he and his whole family eat like that. Although last night at Longhorn, I was too busy eating to even notice. hahaha

March 6, 2008 at 5:53 PM  

Scott scrapes his fork/spoon on his teeth with each bite. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


March 7, 2008 at 3:38 PM  

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