I know you will all be so sad, but the ongoing saga of BritBrit (my car not the person) is coming to end. Oh hell, I probably just jinxed it, didn't I? Quick everyone knock on wood NOW!

Just a small detail I didn't realize before. See, I sat my ass in the house and pouted yesterday. Oh poor me, my new car has dirty melted seats. I slept in, never got out of my pjs, and ate chocolate. This morning I am thinking, wonder what the backseat looks like? I never even looked Saturday because Josh get this customer out of here before she blows her top told me they started cleaning in the front seat. And we are all aware of how well that went! Well, in the light of morning, the back seat looks pretty damn good. And I started to feel a little bit better .

Boy oh boy, was my phone a ringing this morning. I went grocery shopping as usual after dropping the girls off at school. I ain't sitting around waiting on them to call me, I got shit to do. Apparently that's when they called the first time. Then I heard the phone ringing while I was talking to Drama and showing her my "melted/chewed" front seat, but I didn't answer it. I wanted them to sweat a bit, wonder why I wasn't furiously calling demanding they fix my car first thing. Anyway, first Greg Salesman calls, apologizes for all the screw ups. Really, even if he'd been there he couldn't have controlled the "When Steamers Go Bad" episode that took place Saturday. He told me Josh hates his life as a customer service manager was getting everything lined up and would be calling me shortly. Sure enough within 10 minutes Josh why the hell did I take this freaking customer service job calls me. He tells me he has a seat to replace mine and a driver who will come take my car and leave me a Rondo to drive until I get mine back hopefully tomorrow. I tell him although they did a pretty good job on the backseat, there is still a spot (thanks for seeing it Drama!) on the seat cushion and I want it replaced to. I explained I don't trust the "Hungry Steam Cleaner from Hell" (I may or may not have actually called it that) for obvious reasons. He agreed knowing he does not want to risk another "Attack of the Steamer" again. Josh I will do everything I can to make this almost over the edge customer happy says "mark any spots and I'll replace everything and make it right". Cue the evil laughter here. You people know what I'm thinking, PARTY in mommy's new car! Muwhahaha! My more devious side is thinking of taking a sharpie pen to the loaner car. Just tiny little spots, one per seat, just noticeable that won't ever come out. Muhahaha indeed!


Hip Hip Hooray. How many peeps you think we can fit in there?

Darn it, I got nothing today. No fodder, no thoughts, no drama as of yet. I will think of something soon.

March 17, 2008 at 11:47 AM  

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