Scanner, Smanner...

Or, I got a new camera.
Our computers, they are wireless. The printer, wireless. The scanner function of the printer, needs a direct connection. I asked hubby about learning to set it up so I could scan in old photos. Guess what? A photo of an old photo, gets the point across. And it does not require hours of explanation and pages of notes. Go me!

In the last month I been seeing pictures of various blogger's kids going to prom. Then last week I see that Mr. Lady, she is all about the prom. Turns out over at Mom's Martini lots of people are getting ready for prom. Me? Show my a good bandwagon and I'll jump on! Add my 20th high school reunion and I am totally geared up for a stroll down memory lane. Had I actually been scanning in pictures, I surely would've lost interest after all the prom shots (you'll have to tune back in tomorrow for those). But since I was using my new camera, and had already dug up the ancient photo album from the depths of my closet. You guessed it! You are getting BONUS 80s photos of me today! Try to contain your excitement please, we don't want the neighbors to know we're having a party over here.

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

In my 100 things post, I mentioned that we moved the summer before I started high school, and I hated it! Then I walked into my 1st period Spanish 1 class, and there he was! Dear gracious it was Jake Ryan! Okay, not really, but check out the amazing resemblance! On the left my high school crush, the right the real Jake Ryan.

Disregarding the bad 80s hair, you gotta admit, that boy was damn near perfect. He also had a deep sexy voice, oh that voice, it sent chills. To top it off, he was a NICE guy. He knew I liked him, how could he not? He caught me cruising past his house on numerous occasions. The stalking, it started way before the internet. He was way out of my league, star football player with various cheerleader girlfriends, and hung with the rich kids (although he wasn't). Anyway, we were on yearbook staff together and he was always sweet to me. We went to the same college and he would always wow my sorority sisters by stopping to talk to me on campus. Oh and that photo? Totally pilfered from the yearbook layouts along with about 10 others in my personal photo album, sorry Mrs. G!

I might have lusted after not Jake Ryan, but I was a sensible girl, and I found me a boy in my own league.
My sophomore year I had the perfect first real boyfriend. He was a year older, drove a red Firebird, (what? it was 1986, that car was cool) and was a football player. He was new to the school too and had to have knee surgery early in the season. Best part of him out with a bad knee? We went to homecoming and I got to sit with my football player boyfriend instead of alone at the game because he couldn't play. I think I was too embarrassed to let my dad take photos of us together, my first high school dance and all, so all I got is me. PS I totally wore that dress I had to buy with my $60 of my hard earned babysitting money to my junior high homecoming dance the year before in a different city. And I wore it again in college! It was a simple spaghetti strap wrap dress under the cute jacket. Totally got my money's worth!
That's us on the beach, waiting for the person with the camera to go away so we could make out.

Tomorrow you'll hear more about this boy, Mark, as we attended my Junior prom together. This is my Senior homecoming. You'll note the absence of pictures from my Junior homecoming. That's because I got stood up. Well, not at the last minute, but late enough that I didn't get another date. I spent the game with my friends drinking and ended up getting mono from a guy I didn't even kiss. Damned community drinks! But my junior year will serve as good "I know how you feel" speeches for my daughters, because I've been there, done that.
Senior homecoming? One big fun party, as it should've been, we owned that school!

Try to ignore my mullet, it was very loud in 1987! And those 2 pairs of socks must have made for very hot feet. Maybe that is why I only wear flip flops in my old age!
This was the summer between my Junior and Senior year. That is who I consider my first love, he was my first lover (much later; in case my daughters come across this). He was around on and off again throughout college. Then I hit my head, came to my senses and trapped... um found hubby.

But college is a whole 'nother set of posts! Finishing up high school boyfriends we have ASSHOLE! Now in my defense it was not written on his forehead, in fact it was over a year later that I would learn the truth about him. I met Jim, I'm calling him Jim, because that was his name, he had a common last name like Black or Brown or Smith, but I can't remember it. And if there is a Karma his ass is in jail now. So I'm not changing names, because there is no need to protect, he is NOT innocent! I know it's hard to tell, but he looked a lot like John Cusack. I now refer to him as John's shorter EVIL twin. Bitter? Me? Why do you ask? Anyway, Jim was my crush who actually crushed back. He lived in North Carolina, but had moved there from our town. And he came back to visit friends, which is how we met. He was cute, fun, attentive and someone new.
It wasn't until college he showed his true colors. The short version of the story is he came to visit me for spring break in Daytona and he stole all my jewelry. Turns out he and another close friend of mine had been dealing drugs since high school, hence the frequent trips back and forth from North Carolina. I was very naive and they hid it very well. I did finally put all the pieces together and confronted my friend about it
and he confirmed what I already knew but didn't want to admit, about Jim and the missing jewelry.
And to think this boy, he almost kept me from seeing Say Anything, because I couldn't handle the resemblance to John Cusack. Damn glad I finally got past that!

And here ends our tour of the late 80s for today. Be sure to stop in and dance tomorrow at the prom!


I don't even have a scanner--I employ your technique exclusively.

Those are some cute boys you went out with--and you look adorable. It was hard to concentrate on the dress though--the 80's wallpaper kept distracting me!

June 2, 2008 at 10:45 PM  

80's memories are always a pleasure!

June 2, 2008 at 11:54 PM  

These 80s memories had me laughing.
I did date some cute boys, didn't I?
And dear gracious you are right about that wallpaper! It is hideous! I wonder if that's why we started taking pictures in the other room?

June 3, 2008 at 2:15 PM  

I have a scanner but hate the pictures when I scan them in, but do plan to use it more, would love a new camera.
Love the trip down memory lane, those hairstyles, yep that was my look too. When did you graduate? Seems we must be close in age. I graduated in 1988, turn 38 next Tuesday.

June 3, 2008 at 4:14 PM  

The high school crush/ Jake Ryan side by side pics are great!

June 4, 2008 at 2:17 PM  

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