Tonight it's very quiet at my house. My hubby is at a meeting. And my girls are having a "sleepover" in my little one's bed. So freakin' cute these two can be.

Being all alone I was surfing, tv and the internets. My hubby hates it when I do that. I found Paradise Hotel 2 is on. Okay, I watched every minute of #1 and LOVED it. #2 hadn't really been on my radar, but there's nothing else on, so I stopped to check it out.

Dear gracious the new guy tonight is the spitting image of a friend of ours! He's about 10 years younger, but looks and talks just like him!

This is Johnny from Paradise Hotel 2
And this is our friend.
(Sorry about the quality but I couldn't find a photo of him without my kids, so I had to crop the hell out of it.)

Now, I have heard everyone has a double out there somewhere. And I have met a couple people that bore an uncanny resemblance to someone else I knew. And I dated a guy once that I swear was John Cusack's evil twin, but shorter. Whenever I see someone else's twin I always wonder where my doppleganger is. Do you have one? Ever met?

Oh, and does anyone know Matthew McConaughey's?


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