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I think Fridays are going to be my random catch all blog days. What do you say, that's just like the rest of the week? Well hardy, har!

*Must See...Not TV. Why oh why is this not an actual show on network tv? In the Motherhood has got to be the funniest thing I have seen since Friends went off the air.
Okay, I realize I am probably breaking every blog rule here, but I insist you all leave my page and go watch the episodes. HI-larious I tell you.
Just promise you'll come back, we'll wait.

*We are having over one of Brooke's boyfriends for a play date this afternoon. The other one was over yesterday, I just realized multiple boyfriends at 5 does not bode well for the future. Today is the one from last week's lunch date. His mom is bringing over his sister to meet Breanna, I am hoping that Breanna speaks to her. I was not kidding about the extremely shy thing. Moody I'm not worried about, as she usually saves that specially for family.

*Since we are having new friends over I spent my morning cleaning, okay vacuuming, mopping, de-pooping the toilets and making sure that there was no toothpaste in the bathroom sink. Let's face it, these people will likely visit our house again (unless of course they take off running scared from the cat sized dust bunnies in the corners) and I sure wouldn't want to make too much work for myself trying to keep up the facade of having a clean house for future visits.

*I have two friends with little ones who have lying MILs. Both are hesitant to leave their daughters with the in-laws because of it. What do you do if your in-laws are close and willing to help, but don't do as you ask where your child is concerned? In one of these cases the child could actually be injured. Just wondering cause I don't think I've mentioned it here, but I adore my MIL! I WISH she lived closer! I also have an amazing SIL and BIL whom my kids adore. None of them are close enough for regular babysitting (they all live about 1.5 hours away) but they are always here when we need them.

*Why when my 1st daughter was little would I never have dreamed of letting a 5 year old "watch" her, yet I was perfectly fine letting my own 5 year old entertain her 1 year old sister without an adult in the room ( but within yelling distance of course)? Subsequently I am fine letting my 5 year old babysit my "3rd daughter" from across the street while I sit here and blog. Don't worry Heather I can see them both from here, they aren't on the trampoline anymore.

*In my mind Brooke is still a little girl. But look at this picture... when did she get all long and lanky? The tiny one is our 3rd daughter, she lives across the street, with my neighbors, we just borrow her.
* Note the beautiful weather, no shoes and no jackets on this 29th day of February. Happy Leap Year Everyone! Enjoy this extra day!

*That reminds me, one last thing, I still have in my drawer a t-shirt from a Frat party with the date of Feb. 29th on it. I'll let you all figure out the year, and just how old that makes me. (hint, dirt)


* Note the beautiful weather, no shoes and no jackets on this 29th day of February. Happy Leap Year Everyone! Enjoy this extra day!

So. Very. Jealous.
I'm BURIED here!

March 1, 2008 at 6:39 PM  

Hi, I'll be interviewing you for the Great Interview Experiment. Sorry I am late getting it together. It seems like a lot is happening in the blogosphere right now.

I'm going to put you on my Google Reader for a week to get familiar with your blog, then send you the interview.

Bye for now!

March 2, 2008 at 4:47 AM  

I MUST have a copy of that pic. The black and white makes it even greater!!!!


Thanks for taking care of her :)

March 2, 2008 at 5:50 PM  

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