You Make the Call...

Bribery or Creative Parenting?
To get my 8 year old to fold her laundry I record "grown up" shows (like American Idol) for her and watch them with her while we fold together.

Spoiling Daughter or Living Vicariously?
My (almost) 5 year old has 6 American Girl dolls. (I KNOW, but she has a very wealthy aunt.) I love to dress them up and brush their hair, probably more than she does.

Healthy Choice or Not?
A whole box of wheat thins (family size box!) does not last more than 24hours in my house.

Hot or Not?
Inexplicably, I think Dr. Drew is sexy. (Did I really just admit that?)

Fate or Free Will?
I believe that if my parents had moved from Florida to Texas before I started college I would have gone to UT instead of UF, met and married Matthew McConaughey.

Smart or Not?
I graduated high school number 21 out of 645, and have a B.S. in Business Administration, and I am the underachiever when compared with my sister academically.

Nature or Nurture?
I am adopted. I am the only liberal in my immediate family. I'm also the only one who likes rare steaks. However, all the women in our family suffer from allergies, especially to cats.


Funny girl! Hey, I think Dr. Drew is sexy too. I've decided I like him WAY better than Anothony from the Wiggles :). I remember thinking Dr. Drew was sexy way back when he did the LoveLine show with Adam Carolla. God, I need a life!

February 8, 2008 at 10:14 AM  

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