My Little Pheobe

As in the character from Friends. The free thinking, silly song singing, be true to yourself Pheobe. This is what I call my little Brooke.

The trigger for this label happened when I went to play in her room one afternoon. She had Barbies, stuffed animals, Littlest Pet Shop and Sweet Streets all on the floor playing together. Okay I admit it, I am more of a let's play Barbies or Littlest Pet Shop, they don't really go together kind of person. Honestly I'm really a let's dress the dolls and do their hair, or shop in your closet kind of mom. When she was having the stuffed animals sit in the tiny Sweet Streets house I remembered the episode of Friends (season 3 episode 20) titled appropriately "The One with the Doll house" where Monica inherits a victorian doll house. And she won't let Pheobe play with it because the stuff she brought over doesn't go with it. Then Pheobe makes her own doll house with a tootsie-roll away bed and a slide instead of stairs. Anyway, I had my hubby get me the episode and put it on my ipod, I just watch those 2 scenes over and over and laugh! (p.s. the ghost is the best part)

Remember Smelly Cat? Well, I often say my life now has a soundtrack. It's made up of mostly original songs by Brookie. She is just full of music. Always has been. She loves music even has to have it on to fall asleep. And she has an entire list of songs she makes up on the spot, "Mommy which song do you want to hear?" My favorite of her songs is always Mommy I Love You the Most. Usually she sings to me in the car and whenever I am driving without her I miss it a bit. When she's not around my life is too quiet, like a movie with no soundtrack.

Brooke is her own person with all original ideas, from her hair style (yes, at 3 she was picking and I quote "hair styles") to her shoes and everything in between. And Brooke can not be bribed to change her mind. She does not have a "currency". Which certainly has made it a challenge for us to get her motivated and to discipline her. Luckily for us the terrible three's are over she is a pretty happy agreeable kid most of the time. Looking ahead we are hoping this serves her well in the teen years, as she will not be a follower.

So that's my sweet little Pheobe. Who do your kids remind you of?
Oh, my older daughter? She's her daddy's girl, through and through! That's a blog for 'nother day.


Awe how cute and I love SMELLY CAT :). I can't wait until my little one speaks something other than "alien" and makes up songs. Last night we were going thru one of her books. There was a pic of a bus. I didn't think she would know that word so I said "car" and showed her the wheels. You could have knocked me over with a feather when she looked at me and said "bus". Apparently she picked it up last time Scott read her the book. We were amazed and tested her several more times to make sure we weren't hearing things. :)


February 26, 2008 at 1:04 PM  

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