Things about ME! Because it is all about ME people!

I have a 6 pack a day habit -DIET COKE people, this is not that kind of confessional.

I am currently trying to create a two a day habit - loads of washing - one dishes and one laundry. Frankly it's the laundry that kills me. But if I can get into the habit of one load a day there will no longer have to be those marathon laundry days I so desperately dread, thus put off, therefore have even more laundry to do. How long does it take to create a habit? I think I read 6 weeks, dear gracious I don't see much hope for this one, but I'm trying.

Speaking of laundry, I do not separate my children's clothing into darks and lights for washing, it all goes in together with the exception of brand new red or hot pink items. As for hubby and my laundry the only sorting is done in the linen closet we keep the dirty clothes baskets in, darks in one, lights in the other. However, if there is room in the washer for both baskets as one load I wash them together! Oh, the horror!

I often tell my daughter I'll be in to play with her in a minute, then wait until she calls for me to come play. Often she forgets I was supposed to join her at all, as she has an amazing imagination and can entertain herself for scary long amounts of time.

I trusted my (almost) 9 year old to brush her own hair. For the record she has super thick, very fine, long hair. This morning I realized she has been doing a horrible job. In my defense, she wears it in a pony tail EVERYDAY. I swear the child is starting to get dredlocks.

I just googled dredlocks to see if I was spelling it correctly (so much for spell check). Which brings forth the question I ask daily (yes, usually to myself, inside my head, not out loud) WHAT DID PEOPLE DO BEFORE THE INTERNET? Which then of course reminds me, I do indeed know what people did before the internet, because I'm old as dirt. I think I need another diet coke and a pill now for the headache that inevitably comes with that realization.

I am a pill popper, motrin, excedrin, aleve, all in my cabinet. Yep, I keep them in the kitchen close to the diet coke in order to take them easier. I have allergies, lots of 'em. I buy the good shit they sell over the counter, yet behind the counter at the pharmacy. I wondered why my good pills moved from the aisle to the pharmacy for about one second, then a child whined for a free cookie (damn grocery store putting drugs before the cookies on the way in, they should hand out the friggin cookies at the front door I say!) Um anyway, apparently as a friend informed me the good allergy medicine that I have to bother the pharmacist for is under lock and key because it's what people (probably my neighbors 2 doors down) use to make crystal meth or crack or some addictive illegal drug by boiling it down, or something. This got me to thinking if this allergy medicine has a small amount of said drug and is GREAT for unclogging my sinuses, what would the drug they are boiling it down to make me feel like? And suddenly I have a small insight into the world of an addict! Of course I call my BFF that told me why my drugs were being held hostage and she said she had the same thought! And now you know why we are such good friends, cause really does anyone else make that kind of haywired connection?

That family size box of wheat thins that has no hope of lasting 24 hours in my house, yep I confess is mostly eaten by me. Hey, it's healthier than the bag of cheetos in one sitting right? Not that I would ever dream of doing such a thing. Just saying, for comparison's sake.

Toilet paper and paper towels in my house are the softest I can buy because both are used as kleenex, I don't buy boxes of tissues. My hubby will buy whatever is on sale of both products, thus is not asked to buy them often. If you come to my house and encounter the prison grade toilet paper be sure to thank him!

When I started writing this I was going for informal bullet points using dashes and such. Then I found myself proofreading and taking them all out, making full sentences. I can't help myself. I minored in English in college. Okay, I don't actually have a piece of paper confirming this because of an incomplete in a Children's Literature class (I KNOW) that a huge chip on the shoulder, tenyored, womanizing professor taught. (Me, bitter? Never!) Anyway, commas and run on sentences are fine, but I have to complete the sentence!


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