A Meme Virgin, No More!

Michelle tagged me for this meme. For the record, I am new to this blogging thing, hence the "meme virgin". But beware that won't stop me from putting my own spin on these questions.

The Four Things Meme

Four Jobs I have had:
Library Page
Veterinarian Assistant
Law Office Runner
Retail Store Manager

4 places I've been:
Oh come on, Mexico and Canada are so boring, so let's try it like this:
A Cruise Ship
Stuck in the Dallas airport on New Year's Eve
At Cocoa Beach to watch the space shuttle launch
Jimmy Buffet concert, front row center

4 movies I've watched over and over:
10 Things I Hate About You (I miss Heath)
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Dirty Dancing
Pulp Fiction

4 shows I watch:
Friday Night Lights
Grey's Anatomy
Ugly Betty
Survivor (yes STILL)

4 places I'd rather be right now:
In Tracy's old house (yes, the one around the block!) drinking wine
In Tracy's new house... drinking wine
Anna Maria Island
On a boat in the sun

4 favorite things to eat:
Buffalo chicken: wings, salad, sandwich, I'm not picky
Chili with cheese and fritos scoops
Monte Cristo Sandwich from Bennigans
Chocolate peppermint cookies that cost $30 a dozen that I have figured out how to make myself!

4 places I've lived:
I've lived in Florida my whole life, at one time in one of these 4 places:
In a 1000 sq. ft. house with a toddler and 100lb labrador
In a dorm room
In a sorority house
In a duplex in the "college ghetto"

4 things I look forward to this new year:
Trip to Texas for Spring Break
Brooke starting Kindergarten, thus having both girls in the same school
My 20th Class Reunion
Brian's 40th Birthday (got party ideas, anyone?)

I would like to hear what these four have to say:
I am sure this meme has been going around for awhile so I am tagging two people. The rest of you, if you haven't done this one, do, it's fun!
My Friend Drama
My Friend Julie


Holy moly, I didn't know that Brit had a blog, too! :-P

Oh, and I would LOVE to be in my old house drinking wine with you, too!

BTW, Bennigans Monte Cristo ROCKS!

February 14, 2008 at 6:36 AM  

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