For those of you chomping at the bit to hear my car buying tales. Yep, same 4 stalkers that are always reading, I appreciate you coming back!

*I am not freaking kidding! Me, little miss I research everything online before I buy it, never realized that not all Rondos are made equal. Apparently they do not all have the 2 cute little seats in back! Are you shitting me? (that may or may not be an actual quote from me to Greg Salesman last night) It was the joke of the evening. Every time I get pissed in my new car I'm going to yell "THIRD ROW SEATS!" So after all the hemming and hawing over gray or blue, those two weren't even in the mix. I was moved onto the choice of Silver (same color as the hubby's Kia Spectra), Gold (color of old sad tired van I was trading in) and White (aka will look dirty all the time).

Okay, let me back up a step and tell you I was all alone to make said decisions. I dropped my little darlings off at daddy's office at 4:00pm (apparently they were angels, why don't they behave like that for me?) and I told him to tell everyone it was bring your daughter to work day as no one else in his office has girls, they'd never know. Aren't I clever?

So I get there and the finance guy says I can totally beat the deal you got online, I replied "Go For It Sucker", I may or may not have actually said sucker. But really that was the point, if I already have a deal, you are not going to give me a hassle. Seriously it was one paper, with here is your monthly payment less than $10 from what you said you wanted. So I signed on the dotted line.

Oh, I picked the silver one, it's cute as hell. I lurve it! And hubby and I have matching cars, ain't that too cute for words? Feel free to gag now. And damn if the whole friggin experience wasn't just almost pleasant. The finance guy even had me sign all said papers, highlighted the places for Brian to sign, sent it home with me and a DHL envelope to ship it all back to him. That way we wouldn't have to go back this weekend, and he could process our paperwork quicker.

Because I didn't get there until close to 6:00pm, had to do the finance dance, and look at a second set of cars because of the damn 3rd ROW SEATING issue, by the time I finally "bought" my car all the detail guys were gone. Now my salesman assured me I can come back and get the car detailed in the next couple of weeks. I was really thinking it wouldn't be worth the drive even though he offered me a tank of gas too. Let me remind you it was DARK out when I left. You know this is where we get to what I like to call the KICKER! In the light of day, the entire middle seat from door to door has had a drink spilled all over it. LOVELY, DAMN 3rd ROW SEATING! I have already sent a strongly worded email, and am waiting for Greg Salesman to get back to me about this very unacceptable turn of events. Obviously, I will have to make a trip back now, good think my loving in-laws are in town, so we'll have someplace to hang with the kids until I get that car cleaned to my satisfaction!

So here ends my story in a cliffhanger. Will my new car story have a happy ending? Guess the 4 of you will have to check back later.


the car is super cute..i can see it out my window :). This is a new car...why the drink spill UGH? Scott bought a used car at night and in the light of day had a huge key scratch all the way across the side. He learned a lesson and lived with it LOL. Our latest car was purchased in early am hours. Got it home and there were huge scratches all over the running boards and front bottom of car. Carmax ended up replacing practically entire bottom part of car and repainting to the tune of about $3000 out of THEIR pocket. Did I mention I hate the car buying experience? I feel like I'm rambling so will sign off. CONGRATS on the new ride woo hoo. I can drive tonight if nobody else antes up. Scott will be home. Just need volunteer for co-pilot as I will get lost :(

March 12, 2008 at 10:47 AM  

What will only make it funnier is if you never use the 3rd damn row!!!

March 12, 2008 at 11:38 AM  

Okay, we will use those seats if only because my kids think they are SOOOO cool! I suppose if you are their size it's fun to squeeze back there. I promise you no adult sized person (not even Tracy's size 2 ass) could or would ever sit back there. What IS funny, is with the seats folded down, there is no more space for oh say luggage on the way to Texas than in Brian's trunk! However, that was part of the argument for buying a Rondo. Whoops.

March 12, 2008 at 12:34 PM  

*sigh* There is always a catch when buying a car. I swear it's like going to the damn dentist.

I pray that my PT holds on for a while as I am loathe to deal with buying a car for a while. Plus I'd have to figure out how to get flames on whatever I get and that won't be easy!

March 12, 2008 at 4:47 PM  

OK, I know THREE of your FOUR fans... LOL... What's up Brit and Heather!?! :-P

I can't wait to see the newest Wente IN PERSON in a few weeks!

March 12, 2008 at 6:02 PM  

it's 10:25 pm and no blog yet? LOL

March 12, 2008 at 10:28 PM  

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