All Hail...

November 2:

The mighty frog hunter! Okay, so my dear hubby gave up on the frog hunt, after a very short amount of time. But he did inspect every inch of my chair and the window beside it and we sat down to watch Survivor. On commercial break DH got up to go in the other room as I hear this splat from beside me. I said what was that noise? DH says "me getting up off the couch". I quickly jumped out of my chair and ran to the kitchen, cause I'm a big ass chicken! I mustered up some courage, took a book and poked at the basket o'magazines next to my chair. Then that Sneaky Bastard Killer Frog jumped out of the basket and behind my chair. At which point I screamed bloody murder and cried for DH to come capture the slimy sucker! I screamed loud enough to get DD out of bed in the back bedroom (she wasn't asleep yet, but the door was closed)! DH captured him fairly easily and threw him out into the yard. At least I was be able to sleep last night. I think this little scare took years off my life!

I'd like to thank my wonderful friends for their harassing phone calls, joke emails, myspace comments and support (you know who you are) in this matter.


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