My damn kid keeps bringing home straight As! We don't give money for grades and we don't like to give food, like a special meal out, as a reward either. Growing up good grades in my house were encouraged, praise was liberal and as long as I did my job of being a good student, not much else was expected of me. Yeah, I was fairly spoiled, but I turned out fine. My hubby and I are trying to teach our children to be proud of themselves for doing a good job, and not to expect a reward beyond that for every accomplishment. That doesn't mean we don't reward her at all for good grades, but the reward is never the same and is chosen by us for her. Like after a year of straight A's with no absences at all last year we decided she was ready for a small pet.
Sidenote: I ended up caving at the Humane Society and getting her a family of small pets, I couldn't separate the brothers. Yes, we have big cage with 4 little boy degus (they are rodents about the size of gerbils) currently living in our house. That's a whole 'nother post...someday.

Back to the point! (Don't say I didn't warn you about my lack of focus already.)
So today, I spent part of my morning buying Breanna books (a small reward for the aforementioned straight As). I got her these books about girls growing up, what to expect physically, learning to deal with her feelings etc. Then I came home and reviewed them to make sure they were age appropriate. Proceeded to get very depressed about having a kid old enough for such books. Now starting to wish I had stinky boys instead. No periods or boobs to deal with. Do boys get moody during puberty? Who would know, they don't talk much anyway. Why oh why did I think girls were better? And this is just the beginning, I still have boys, dating, and sex to deal with. AHHHHHH! I think I may need a drink (or six) a day to get through the coming years. And God's little joke? I have another one 4 years younger, so I get to go through it all twice! Is it too late to trade these two in for boys?


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