Why I am here...

My dream job is to be to be a newspaper columnist, a la Dave Barry. In my little dream world I've already titled my first book "Who's Pete? Should I be worried?" Sadly the quote is actually from my husband because I say "for the love Pete" all the time. Seeing as I'll probably never write a book, I figure this little blog is as close as I will get, so I'm using my best title here. On a side note, I have also decided if we ever get another dog (our big old black lab is 13 and seen better days) I will name him Pete.

In my real life I am here because a bunch of friends said they were finding old friends on myspace. I still say that myspace is for teeny boppers trying to hook up, which pretty much makes me old, but that's okay. At least these days I am comfortable with who I am, being 30 something is not too bad, most days. And us old ladies have to keep up with the times so that we will know what our daughters are up too when they get to be teeny boopers.

Back to the point, while on myspace I started writing a few blogs. Of course only my "friends" who have chosen to also participate in the juvenile fun that is myspace can read them. So I am moving on to a bigger and better forum. Maybe no one but my goofy friends will even read this, which is fine by me.


Can I tell you how much FUN it is to read this? :-)

January 3, 2008 at 4:52 PM  

1) I love Dave Barry

2) I say "For the love!" all the time! In fact, I tried to name my blog that but it was taken. Heh.

January 7, 2008 at 8:53 AM  

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