November 14:

Ever feel like you tempted fate? Just sat there asking for trouble? Apparently I was too brazen with Karma and she (only a woman could get revenge like Karma can) came and kicked me in the ass! HA!

Ex. 1 Let's see I am sure that I have said (too many times to count) how Breanna didn't miss a single day of school last year. My kids are so damn healthy I barely remember where the doctor's office is. Then BAM the Friday after Halloween Breanna falls, hits her chin on the tile in our family room and off to the ER we go. All was well after 9 stitches but I can no longer boast that I don't know where the closest emergency room is.

Ex. 2 Today Karma is feeling quite sassy. A few weeks ago I was highlighting my daughter's hair for Halloween. Oh yeah, I am an expert I color my hair all the time, I don't even do strand tests or allergy tests anymore. Don't worry her hair turned out adorable. I however was not quite as fortunate. At least Karma knows to exact her fury at the person teasing her, not the innocent child, who's hair I did by the way strand and allergy test. But this morning when I thought I should cover up my gray hairs before Bunko tonight I grabbed a box with a beautiful model who's hair was a lovely shade of brown. Nothing crazy here, just brown to cover the gray. Checked the "if your hair is this color, it will turn this color" panel and thought, yep, looks good. Came home, read directions, turned on timer, took shower, looked in mirror. OH HELL, that ain't the color on the box! And worse it isn't even the same color all over my head! My roots are actually lighter than my hair. WTF? That's just wrong! Hee hee! A quick search on the internet (dear gracious, what did people do before google?) came up with a decent fix. It sure ain't as purty as when my good buddy Tom does it, but my schedule doesn't mesh with his and my budget is near nil seeing as the holidays are fast approaching. And did I mention, I color my own hair all the time... no need to do a strand time test here...
Best part of all, I can STILL see gray hair under there! Well, maybe the odd two toned hair will be so distracting, no one will notice!

(Update: A month later I went out, bought a dark brown DIY color (the night before Bunko this time) and covered the nightmare. No problems this time, and nope, no strand test either. I may never learn!)


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