It's NOT Right!

Novemeber 1:
I am currently a prisoner in my own home. I was taking down the lovely Halloween skull from my front door today, because I can't use my peep hole with it there and a huge ass frog jumped into my living room. And we CAN'T find it! I am not kidding, since about 1:00pm I have been sitting at my kitchen table, reasoning that he would be easier to see coming and there are less places for him to hide in here. I seriously do not think I will be able to sleep tonight. Friends have been over, laughing at me of course, and said I could just roll a towel at the base of my bedroom door tonight to which I sanely replied, but it's like a horror movie I could just as well be trapping the thing in my room with me as keeping it out! . I am college educated, I know the frog physically cannot hurt me however, I am positive that it landing on me at any time, even if I saw it coming would give me a fatal heart attack! It's not right! It's psychological warfare and the damn frog is winning! A neighbor offered to bring over her cat to find it and I am seriously considering it. To hell with allergies, there's a FROG in the house! Did I mention it's HUGE?! I summoned over a friend's husband and he flipped my couch and chair and couldn't find it, but he now knows what a horrible housekeeper I am, and frankly my darling I don't give a damn! Someone needs to find that frog! Oh and I called my dear husband to tell him he would be frog hunting when he gets home and he didn't really seem concerned about the killer (by means of heart attack, so it looks like natural causes, sneaky bastard) frog!

I'll keep you updated. If you find you cannot reach me by email, alert the authorities! Meanwhile I'll be huddled here at my kitchen table.


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