Welcome to the Zoo Room!

November 10:

We used to have a family room. We (okay I) just adopted an adorable (according to DH this is subjective) little girl chinchilla. The cage she came with is much bigger than I anticipated. I thought we could just put her cage next to the degus in the corner of the family room. My spacial aquity is poor at best, but even I knew when I saw her "skyscraper" (manufacturer's name) it was never going to fit there. So I moved a few things around and found her a space on the opposite wall. This morning DH walked through the room, over the big old dog, took note of DD's stuffed animals on the couch and announced good morning to the Zoo. I like it, from now on we live in a 4 bed, 2 bath, formal living room with Zoo Room house.

(It was pointed out that I had not mentioned her name. It's Sweet Niblets, yes, from Hannah Montana.)


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