I just purchased a gift for a BFF of mine. And I am here to publicly state it is NOT a birthday present! See we don't "do" birthday or Christmas presents for each other. Too much pressure! Not enough time or money to get the "perfect" present for such a good friend only at certain times of the year. So every once in awhile when we do find that special something screaming to be purchased we scrounge up all the change in the couch cushions, under the mini-van seats, perhaps "borrow" the needed funds from next month's budget, or our children (Pete knows they have all the money in this house) and buy it. Now my mother would save the gift until the next holiday... not me baby, I find something someone I know is going to LOVE, I don't want to hang onto it, I want them to enjoy it NOW! In the words of my daughter, "I am not a waiter!" (apparently she comes by her impatience honestly)

Since said BFF has a birthday mere days from now I am here to explain why this gift does not qualify as a birthday present.
1. It will not arrive in a lovely box with gift wrap, bow, or even a measly message. (But trust me, she'll know who it's from.)
2. It may in fact arrive with the invoice enclosed. Yep, can't be a birthday present if she knows what I paid for it!
3. It will not arrive on her birthday. (See previous post on my favorite shipping methods aka super saver gets you NO PACKAGES!)

So Tracy have a great birthday, your card is in the mail. Drink a few glasses of wine for me and try to find some famous people to stalk ... um I mean have photos taken with to send me.



January 29, 2008 at 6:20 AM  

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