Still Waiting...

I posted about all the fun stuff I ordered like a week ago, and damn the free super saver shipping at Amazon is all I gots to say! Add the super slow we are walking the shit to your house shipping to a random Monday holiday and know what you've got? NO FREAKING PACKAGES! Plus, every single item I ordered is being shipped by the USPS. I totally get that it's tons cheaper to ship this way, on the very few occasions I am forced to ship things they are my carrier of choice. But know why UPS is more expensive because their tracking system kicks ass! I like to compulsively check (hourly if possible) to see where my packages are and with UPS I can. Also, UPS drivers are often HOT! And the one who delivers in our neighborhood on a regular basis is such a nice man. He once at came back by our house after missing us, on his own, after he finished the rest of his route because he saw the box was from Apple, as in a computer, and he knew we'd really be wanting it that day! How awesome is he?! So, I prefer all packages sent to me be delivered in a big brown truck. Not to mention, our regular USPS woman, not so pleasant. And if all my packages really are in her little truck today she may, what's the equivalent of a waiter spitting in your drink?, well, whatever, you get the point.


Do you know that I have two Amazon packages from CHRISTMAS that just...never arrived via our buddy USPS? And all they do is refer me to the "Dead Letters Office", which...well, good luck with that, yo.

January 22, 2008 at 2:11 PM  

Yah, let me know how that works for ya!
I used work for a payroll company and we used to tell clients "if you want your checks lost, send them by US mail".

January 22, 2008 at 2:21 PM  

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