Christmas Spirit?

December 9:

It's Sunday afternoon and my kids are cleaning house. They will not let me off the couch, they say they want to do it all themselves. I think maybe they don't want me to see the mess they are creating as they clean. My kids tend to clean the "fun" things and ignore the obvious. For instance, I heard them hand washing the dishes, because, come on bubbles and water are fun! But I would venture to guess there is a huge wet puddle under the sink now, and possibly a pile of wet towels they used to dry dishes on the floor too. My oldest daughter couldn't wait to use some sprinkle on carpet freshener. Okay by me if you actually vacuum it up. So the living room floor is clean and smells lovely. Yep, that's where she stopped. The family room rug, the one the DOG who STINKS actually lays on, nope didn't feel like doing that one. I have one idea why, it's probably still covered with toys! And we all know it would not be "fun" to pick up those.

Oh and why have my children suddenly gotten the fever for cleaning you ask? Not because I yelled at or threatened them, oh no. They are cleaning because they got the idea that Santa would bring them more toys if they helped mommy. Yep, my kids got that Christmas Spirit alright! Of course I won't tell them Santa's already finished shopping for them, if you won't. Because goodness knows I enjoy the idea of them cleaning even if I know it will end up being more work for me in the end.

Merry Christmas, may all your little elves be a bit more helpful for the next two weeks too!


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