Does anyone know who the hell plans my kid's school calendar?! Is there any actually planning at all?! We just got back from Christmas Break and now they have off today AND Monday! I love them and all, but absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that crap. I mean REALLY, did they need a 4 day weekend already?

Personally I would tack these few extra days onto Spring Break, at the end of March. Well, this year anyway, as we are planning trip to Texas. They have a total of 9 days (including weekends) off. 2 days there, 2 days back (yes, we are driving, I know CRAZY) that leaves 5 days to see my parents (who expect us to spend all time with them) my sister's family and our family BFFs. You know the family who has kids your kids love, you love to drink and shop (preferably at the same time) with the mommy and the dads, they actually get along great too! Family BFFs are RARE, and ours moved to F'in Texas this summer! Lucky for us someone upstairs knew that we couldn't live without them, so they are within an hour of all my family, putting them on the Spring Break Road Trip Map.

In addition to visiting all these people, I happen to also have cousins in the area, who I am trying to hook up with for at least a meal. I mean I am driving cross country and going to be in their backyard, I'd like to think if they came that close to us, they'd at least honk as they drove past, ya know?!

Off to meet daddy for lunch, because we wouldn't want him to miss out on all this extra time with the girls. :-)

Sidenote: My youngest pronounces it Tex-kiss. As in kiss mine! HA!


Speaking as the BFF that you are coming to visit, I say email Ron Blocker and tell him to get with the program! Either that, or I am sensing that Bre just may come down with a fever... Yeah, that's it... A fever. And stomach pains... You can't send a kid to school sick like that, can you?

January 19, 2008 at 9:05 AM  

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