Where DOES the time go?

I somehow always think I will have a surplus of time to "get things done" as soon as I get my kids back to school from a break. Then reality sets in, you'd think I'd learn. Brooke is in VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten, it's state funded, read: FREE! Don't say the Bush family never gave us anything worthwhile.) and they are required to go for 15hrs a week. This translates to 3 hours a morning 5 days a week at most schools. What the hell, you say? Me too! I often feel like I have a newborn as I am forced to organize my days in 3 hour blocks. Drop girls off at 9am, pick up Brooke at 12pm, Breanna gets home at 3pm, hubby gets home at 6pm. No mystery why I can't seem to get a damn thing done.

So I drop the girls at school this morning, grocery list in hand and head off with optimism. Of course it takes me an hour to shop. Yes, I had a list! Does everyone take this long? I hate grocery shopping, put it on the list of chores I would pay someone to do for me if we won the lottery (which we won't because you have to play to win). I would also pay someone to do my laundry and dishes everyday if I were suddenly rich. Paying off our house and buying a new car, you bet your ass those are at the top of the hypothetical list of things to do when someone we don't know dies and leaves us lots of money (because lets face it, that's the only way we are going to become wealthy overnight). Next though is someone to wash my clothes, my dishes and buy my groceries. Hey, I just need a WIFE, or to move back in with my parents! HA! Whoops, off on a tangent there. This is how my mind works, go with it, try not to over think my train of thought. I am often distracted by bright and shiny objects too.

Back to my lack of time to accomplish anything! Basically I got my groceries bought and put away, and had half an hour before I had to head back to pick up small child. Got a call from my mother, that left me with about 20 mins. Not enough time to work out, not really enough time to do much of anything. I answered a few emails, read a couple of others blogs, and half watched the beginning of The View.

A friend dropped by after I brought home said small child. In my effort to spend more time with friends I couldn't kick her out! Ha! Plus she's one of my good friends who is allowed to drop by unannounced because she does not judge the filth that is my house on a Monday morning. On the weekends I let things go. My thinking is I should get the weekend off too, right? The mess will eventually get picked up during the week and it's easier and quicker to do when the family is not around to make more messes.

Again with the train of thought! My friend and I talked while I got my clean dishes put away and the ones in the sink loaded. I am still waiting for the day that there is NOTHING in the sink waiting to be loaded when I unload the dishwasher. Sadly it's a lovely dream I have, but much like the lottery, ain't happening.

TRAIN of THOUGHT people, yes I am special! Of course I could be doing fun things like folding clothes and doing laundry now, but I am busy blogging! So that will have to wait. The way I figure it, I can't blog with both kids home, so I should do it now. In fact I can't do much of anything that takes any amount of concentration with them both home, who am I kidding focusing is a problem for me all the time! (Ya think?!)

After my not so small (she's almost 9, AHHHH!) child gets home it's snacks for the kids, nagging about homework, and if I am really good, tricking them into a game of let's sort and fold laundry. Okay, so that probably won't work, but it's worth a shot. I am sure I have something to bribe them with around here.

Bright and shiny object? Where?

Okay, back on track... Dinner, baths, and bedtime, will pretty much finish off my day. I need to go check the tv listings (like there is anything on with that damn writer's strike) maybe I can sneak in a trip to the neighborhood clubhouse for a workout after the girls go to bed. Then at least I'd feel better about myself.

The rest of the mess and chores will still be waiting for me tomorrow, hopefully they can sort themselves into handy 3 hour blocks.


I am awful with time management. I always have been and appear to get worse with age. I absolutely cannot stand going grocery shopping so I don't go often, buy a ton, spend hours there, then have to lug it all back in the house, just so I won't have to do it for a couple of months. And then I realize I forgot 1 or 2 or 12 things we really needed. Sigh... I'm with you.

January 7, 2008 at 11:40 PM  

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