Now that I'm here...

What do I say?

I suppose I'll start with the obvious "Happy New Year".

This is the year of my 20th High School Reunion and my hubby's 40th birthday. It is also the year we have decided to take a family road trip. 4 years ago, when my oldest was almost 5 and my baby was 1 we spent spring break (that's what it was labeled on the preschool calendar, because apparently 4 year olds need to go wild on the beach too) driving to Iowa to visit my hubby's grandmother. It was such a fun trip, we even got to play in the snow while we were there. So now that my baby is going to be 5 the week before spring break this year we thought a big trip would be fun. Before it's over I am sure I'll be asking who's bright idea it was to drive to Texas with 2 kids, and in 4 more years I bet I can only remember how much fun we all had.

I am making no resolutions this year. Instead I am declaring this a year about ME! Don't get me wrong, I adore my family, and I am not planning on neglecting them. I am however, going to spend more time doing things for myself. Because once I finish my current job of raising two amazing little girls into happy, caring, open minded, self sufficient, contributing members of society I will need a life. I know it's cliche' but they are growing up so much faster than I ever imagined. I've realized over the past year, that my world cannot revolve around them, because then I will have nothing left of myself when they inevitably leave the nest.

Hopefully one day my girls will have families of their own, I would like to be around to marvel at what wonderful people I helped create. So first and foremost on my ME list is to eat healthier and work out more. I am setting no goals. I just want to be in better shape, to walk a flight of steps without being winded, look better in my clothes (not so worried about looking good naked, since that would only be in the dark with the man whose 2 children I gave birth to and he has stuck with me for over 13 years) and generally feel better about myself.

Next on my ME list is to find a new "group to join". One that does not involve volunteering at the girl's school. Maybe a book club. Maybe an alumni group. Possibly volunteering somewhere other than the school. I don't know yet.

Also on my ME list is spending more time with MY friends. Not that I don't love some of the mom's of my children's friends. But I'm talking about the friends (some of whom live in the same city, and many in the same state) that I rarely make the time see, women I have known for years, some decades, and one in particular since elementary school. If I don't start making the time to connect with them will they still be around in 10 years when I need a shoulder to cry on as my girls move out? Let's face it, as the girls get older, I'll be lucky if I even meet their friend's parents. I can't count on my social life revolving around them for much longer.

Last but not least, I need to put more into my marriage. You know, that man who has been in trenches here with me for the last 13 + years? He's a pretty great guy, and I really don't think I let him know how much I appreciate him. Gotta work on that too.


I've added you as well and look forward to reading your blog... It appears we are the exact same age and I love finding blogs of people who are the exact same age as me. My (our, we went to school together) 20th reunion is this year as well. How can that be? It was only a couple of years ago that I actually paid money to see Pretty in Pink at the theater 6 times, while dreaming of a prom date. Sigh...

January 3, 2008 at 7:54 PM  

A new year and a new plan! Some days we think way too much alike! You would be proud of me...I have begun the process to start school again in the fall! A new you...a new me...a new...or maybe just!!!

January 3, 2008 at 10:37 PM  

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