So many of these things don't belong.

Been singing this little Sesame Street jingle all day today. To the casual observer, my house looks clean (well at least until the girls get up in the morning). But as I tell people all the time it's just smoke and mirrors, one big illusion. I live here, I know where to look. Here are a few things I noticed while cleaning up today. I'll let you guess which ones actually got put away and which ones I left out of place.

Odd things in my bathroom... a princess kick board, a pair of crocks
On my nightstand... an iron, antibiotic eye drops
In the living room... hubby's tennis shoes
Brooke's room... plastic bug, musical Christmas tree toy
Girl's bathroom... empty box for Christmas decorations already put away in alternate box (whoops)
bar/kitchen... 2 Christmas ornaments my daughter made for friends we never gave to them

Side note: Watched Rock of Love 2 and Scott Baio tonight!


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