Waiting for the UPS Man

For Christmas my sister sent my hubby and I Amazon Gift Certificates. At first we thought we would pool our resources and buy something for the house. Okay, more like goodies for our new Wii. Yah, that didn't happen, and I was feeling the burn of that virtual money in my inbox daily. Sunday night I finally forwarded the email with the code for his money to my hubby. Well, hell, I wasn't giving him that until we (read: I) decided whether or not we were going to make one big purchase (oh okay, whether I was going to spend his money too in the name of the greater good).

So finally I was free to spend my present on stuff just for me! I don't know about others, but as a mom I feel like most of the time I spend my gift money on "us". For instance my parents sent the family a check for Christmas and my hubby and I decided (together for real this time) to buy the girls a trampoline with the money. Yesterday my mom asked what we (hubby and I) spent our respective quarters of the check on. Nothing, it went to the girl's present, which was way more than their half, and the rest got absorbed into the "cost" of Christmas. Such is being the parents.

Want to know what I bought with my gift certificate? Veronica Mars Season 3 dvds. It is one of my all time favorite shows. I already have Seasons 1 and 2 and according to my hubby the only upside of the show lasting 3 seasons is that I will now own the entire set, and he will no longer have to hear about it being on my wish list.

I also bought 2 of my favorite movies from my tween years. After watching (surviving) endless episodes of Hannah Montana and multiple viewings of that Musical (what's it called again? I forget, it's only on like once a week!) I was reminded of the movies I couldn't get enough of, that probably drove my parents crazy. So I had to go searching Amazon to see if they made it to dvd. First I found Sooner or Later, it was only a made for tv movie, and of course, back in the olden days me and the dinosaurs didn't have Tivo, DVDs or even goodness gracious, VCRs! So I had to make do with the book and soundtrack (I had the album, not even a cassette, dear Pete, I am older than dirt!). The other movie I bought was Ice Castles. Anyone remember it? It was a romance about a blind ice skater. Yes, I said BLIND ICE SKATER! Who the hell cares if it's feasible? It was so romantic! Here's the frightening part, apparently when I was watching the romantic blind ice skater and the movie about the 13year old girl who LIES to a boy and tells him she's 16 to DATE him, I was not yet 9 years old. Guess. Go ahead GUESS how old my daughter is going to be in April?! AHHHHHH, NINE! Apparently being old makes you forget things, like the details of movies you saw when you were nine. I wonder if my parents were just crazy for letting me watch these movies or if they are harmless sweet love stories? Looks like mommy will be viewing these alone to decide if they are okay for my kid to see.

Along with these fun purchases I also succumbed to the pressure and bought some really good sheets for "us" (hubby and I, the girls have cheap sheets just like we did as kids, they don't know any better). I actually found a new comforter set for our bedroom (I've been looking for awhile and finally found something we both like) and the sheets that come with it are fine, but I felt like splurging. Until hubby and I bought this house and our first set of new bedroom furniture (after 9 years of marriage) we had never had sheets with a thread count. My mother still says, "If the sheet covers the bed that's all that matters, why would anyone spend that kind of money on a sheet?" Well, all I know is hubby and I are hooked on our "good" sheets. Which are really towards bottom of the line, seeing as we can't afford the 1200 count egyptian cotton I'd like to have. The ones I just ordered are two steps up from our best sheets, so I can't wait to get them and snuggle up.

So I have dvds, sheets and a new comforter set all ordered. I am anxiously checking my inbox for shipping confirmation. Then I can start stalking the UPS man!


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