What Makes You Cry?

December 15:
We were at our Christmas Bunko Party and someone wanted to see our myspace pages. Yes, we actually have friends who know nothing of this little obsession. And when my page was pulled up someone made the comment that "The Christmas Shoes" song made them cry. I laughed and told them to scroll and read that not only did I put that song on my page, but that I wrote on my profile page that it makes me cry everytime I hear it. This got us started on other things that make us cry. First thing I thought of was this song. It is called Cinderella and you can hear it at...
Anyone who has a daughter who can make it through this song without a Kleenex has a heart of stone I tell you. I say this as the world's biggest sap. I cry at everything, songs, tv shows, hell, even a commercial can get me going. And don't put my kids up on a stage and think I won't need a tissue. Last night I sat with my girls and watched the last episode of Kid Nation (hey it was clean family entertainment, which is rare these days) and cried my eyes out when they reunited the kids with their parents after 40 days. I promptly told my kids they would never be able to participate in something like this, because there was no way I would survive 40 days without them! They are out right now shopping with daddy, and although the silence is lovely I am starting to miss them. Time to go listen to Cinderella and have myself a good cry! I hear it can be good for you.

(Update: I have to add I spent time this morning reading other's blogs and Laura who posts here http://ipromisenottolaughduringtheseance.blogspot.com/ had me sobbing, runny nose, bloodshot eyes and all. Her posts are so heartfelt, she really puts it all out there. I admire her strength and courage.)


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